Say No to Sex campaign is a preventive intervention to address adolescent teenage pregnancy, sexual violence and abuse by educating adolescents about their sexual and reproductive rights; harassment and abuse issues to empower them to be assertive in their sexual choices. The campaign also seeks to support victims of adolescent abuse.  The campaign targets younger adolescents between the ages of 11 – 16 years in Junior High Schools. The campaign uses an evidenced based Peer – to – Peer and Facilitator – Peer model. The education is done using the campaign booklet Say No to Sex which describes four scenarios in which the adolescent may find him/herself in compromising situations.

KPV Youth Mentoring Seminar

Through the “Knowledge plus Values” mentoring seminar, PSM engages youth who are at-risk of involving in bad behavior, in mentoring sessions provided by skilled personnel and role models.
Through our mentoring seminars dubbed “Knowledge Plus Values”, we reach the young boys and girls in time to prevent their involvement in anti-social activities and admonish them to focus. We encourage them to desire and pursue higher education.
It is also mainly to inspire the students to believe in the possibility of their dreams and inform them of values needed to shape their future.

iStand Project

In 2016 and 2017, PSM in collaboration with Integrated School of Design trained approximately 100 young females between 17 – 24 years in interior décor.
The 3 months training period, which began in February 2016, ended in 2017.
They received certification in interior décor

Charity Projects

We engage in charity events on special days such as Easter and Christmas holidays to reach out and create fun activities for teenage street vendors in urban markets centers under the “Operation Feed A Soul” campaign.
We sponsor education of needy young girls and provide assistance to the vulnerable in society.

Operation Feed A Soul
Over the past three years, PSM organizes party for teenage street vendors, those who sell in the markets and on the streets in the Okaikwe District during Easter. These children are mostly below 18 years.

  • The Easter party is to provide a source of refreshment and entertainment to the children who mostly spend their Easter holidays working or selling in the market.

  • The party also serves as an opportunity to collect data on the number of these children who attend school.

The party is held near venues close to the Market while others join later as they round up hawking activity for the day.
Some of the children selling with guardians or parents are unable to attend the party therefore the team delivers food and drinks to them at the market.